What does our future hold?

Hi! I’ve been a bit awol due to the holidays + travelling around! I’m in London right now preparing the final details for a show I’ve co-curated with my pal Liv Thurley from The Coven,  Polyester zine, and Isabella Podpadec where we got over 50 international artists to each create a card for a new tarot deck we are putting together. 

Will be back with new photos soon but for now here’s some press/interviews about the show/project!



Unrelated but I also have an interview with Spindle magazine up this week, you can check that out here

& before I headed to London I made one last artist interview for 2016 with my dear friend Simon Fortin aka emotwink, you can check that out on the adolescent website here! 



December update

Hi! Just thought I’d make a blog post with some updates from the last week or so.

First off, the third instalment of my interview series for adolescent.net is up, with my good friend & one of my favorite artists Brie Moreno aka boogerbrie - you can check that out here! I’ve been working with Adolescent for a while now and am now officially signed as a director for commercial projects with them so I’m excited to see where that leads me, I’ve been really enjoying making moving images these days. 


in other video news, I finally got around to putting together some footage I shot almost three years ago for a little candy themed spec video for my commercial director reel. It was interesting to revisit the footage so much later, seeing how my work has changed but also what has remained the same over this period of time. anyway it’s just something cute and fun but you can check it out below ~

and lastly, I was also featured in Rookie mag last week, as my friend Rachel Louise Hodgson took some pictures of me in my studio (pretty much right after I woke up hence the sleepy vibes) when she was visiting from England earlier this fall. 

you can see those photos on the rookie site here!



Non-Binary Portrait series part 1

Hiiii!! I’ve been working on this portrait series for a while now, it’s ongoing but today I get to release the first part!! You can see a preview of it up on Broadly & the full series below!!

This is the first instalment of an ongoing portrait series I’m working on. My aim with this series is to showcase a diversity of trans & non-binary experiences that tend to be under-represented in mainstream media & give non-binary subjects agency regarding how they are represented. It’s also an opportunity for me to document my friends & their unique style & point of view. As someone who identifies as non-binary it’s obviously a very personal topic for me but I wanted the photos to go beyond my own identity and really be a collaboration between me & the models.

above: Benjamin Da Silva, he/him pronouns, instagram: @dadcomplex

above : Hobbes Ginsberg, she/they pronouns, instagram: @hhobbess

above : Billy Starfield, they/them pronouns, instagram: @billy_parton

above: Lux, they/them pronouns, instagram: @yourrrdagger

above : Lucky, he/they pronouns, instagram: @pitypartymonster

above : William, “He - She - Me”, instagram: @magazineboy 

above : Ciara, they/them pronouns, instagram: @necrotizing_fasciitis

more to come!



Anna & Fatine

Hi! Finally got around to publishing some of my favourite photos I took last year - check them out on Sukeban (& here they are below as well)

These photos are part of a loosely ongoing series I’ve been working on over the last year, photographing platonic intimacy in friendships around me. Fatine, Anna and I all went to college together - we took these photos on a really cold day in February, I walked up to Fatine’s house and Anna showed up a bit later with some pastries, I had asked them if I could take some photos of the two of them and they told me they love to take baths together so that’s what we did. Most of my work is staged/conceptual but whenever I get the chance to capture something real like this I love it so much, I love having the chance to enter into someone else’s world for a little bit. These days, Fatine just released a clothing collection (Gerald et Fatine SS17) & Anna is in a band called Security.



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