Color Studies / Lavender

this is the fourth instalment of my color studies series, shot with Ariana in October. With this one I wanted to recreate certain shots from the pink images, especially the hands in the bathtub - in this case I also used pepto bismol for the bath but added a bit of blue food coloring to make it lavender!

you can view the complete series here

lavender study #1

lavender study #2

lavender study #3

lavender study #4

lavender study #5

Ice Cream Castle / Dreck Magazine

Here is a girly editorial I worked on this summer - we shot this on the warmest day of the year in a parking lot and I thought I was going to die from heat. I’ve shot there before but I can’t get enough of this location, it’s an old ice cream parlour by the highway shaped like a pastel castle (dream architecture right there!).
Anyway, here are my favorites from the shoot and you can see the rest over at dreck :

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