Lucie Foundation Scholarship

A quick note to say : 

I am so happy & proud to announce that I am the recipient of this year’s emerging artist scholarship from Lucie Foundation!!!!

As part of this scholarship program I will be continuing to shoot my daily self portrait project “puberty”, documenting my experiences with HRT and I will be curating a book out of the final images once the project is finished in January 2020.

You can see all the winners here:



july update

Writing this live from the july heatwave ~ 

Last month, I got the chance to spend a week in Cannes where I was invited to present my work and speak about shifting norms of masculinity + trans inclusivity as part of @cannes_lions with @adolescentcontent. I’ve been really enjoying giving more talks, workshops & being on judging panels this past year, looking forward to more of this!!!

I also had the chance to be a judge on Getty Images’ 2019 creative grant program “where we stand”, awarding 20,000$ in prizes to emerging LGBTQ+ photographers, and the winners have been announced here :

I got to photograph one of the winners, Myles Loftin, while we were in Cannes :

& also shot a quick “me vs others” image while I was in Cannes - I’ve been working on my monograph of Me vs Others in collaboration with Editions Lemaitre in Paris for almost two years now and the book is finally ready, I will post on here when pre-orders are available!

Aside from my time in Cannes, I’ve spent the last month continuing to work on my ongoing project “puberty”, documenting daily/mundane moments in my transition and sharing them on social media. Below are a few of my favorites from this month

& continuing to shoot my project “Lucky” as well, which is a long-form documentary project on my best friend Lucky - looking at a working class, intersex, latinx transmasculine life over a period of 10 years.

As of this month, I will be sharing these updates in a monthly newsletter, which you can sign up for here!



June update - puberty & new prints

Thought I’d post an update on my ongoing project “Puberty” on here!

About the project : 

“Puberty” is an ongoing self-portrait project documenting physical changes and mundane moments during my transition on HRT (hormonal replacement therapy) as a non-binary transgender person. 

In April 2018, I began a medical transition process by taking bi-weekly testosterone treatments. Testosterone generate changes in the body, such as thickening the vocal chords, body hair growth, and redistribution of fat and muscle tissue, as well as changes in emotional regulation. Since increasing my testosterone dosage in January 2019, I have been documenting the changes I am witnessing in both my body and my moods through a daily self-portrait practice. I intend to continue this process daily until January 2020, completing a year of self portraits in my transition process to publish in book form. 

The resulting images are at times staged: studio portraits documenting changes in my body (facial hair, muscle tissue, etc) - and at times candid: setting up a tripod in my home as I go about my daily routines (eating breakfast, doing my dishes, waking up, playing dress up at a friend’s house, doing my testosterone injection). The images created explore the body as a site in constant evolution, and as it exists in-between genders. 

With this project, I want to show [a] trans life outside of the spotlight: depicting day-to-day, human moments. Through these daily scenes, I also look at transition as a slow and at times lonely process in a society where trans lives are marginalized. The resulting images are cinematic, offering the viewer a glimpse into intimate scenes of my life, and creating a primary source document on a trans life in the 21st century. Too often, transgender bodies are depicted through the lenses of cis-gendered artists. As a trans artist, I want to shift that dynamic by turning my lens inward and creating imagery rooted in (self) care. I also want to show that trans people who do not fit neatly within the gender binary exist - we are here, and we are thriving.

I also did an interview (in french) on this project with Vice Quebec to go along with my exhibition for chromatic festival last month:

& here is a selection of work from the project

I also picked up my new limited edition archival prints from my printer yesterday, you can purchase those in my print store here:

these are museum quality 8x10 prints, edition of 10 each, 100 cad. This is my first time making smaller archival prints like this, I wanted to offer an option that was more affordable than my bigger prints ~



Forge art mag - currents + chromatic festival

This month I had the pleasure of being included in Forge Art Mag’s Currents exhibition at Mount Analogue in Seattle, alongside some amazing artists and fellow long-time collaborators of the magazine

I showed three pieces as part of the exhibition, two images from my series “Lucky”, and one from “Puberty”

Leather crotch (after Robert Mapplethorpe), Lucky, 2018

Chest (detail), Lucky, 2018

sitting with solitude, puberty, 2019

As part of Matthew (editor of Forge)’s residence at Mount Analogue, he has also been doing podcast interviews with all of the artists involved in the exhibition, you can listen to my episode of the podcast/interview here:

This month, I also had some work displayed as part of Chromatic Festival’s 10th anniversary edition at Usine C in Montreal. I showed a preview of my project “Huldufólk”, shot in Iceland last month as part of my residency with In House Outer Space. You can see this preview below

& I also have some work from my projects “me vs others” and “lucky” showing in Budapest at the moment as part of Queeruption festival, you can see more about that here:

Last but not least, I finally set up a print store on this website, so you can now purchase prints directly through that! I will keep it updated with prints at various price ranges - at the moment I’ve got postcards, two limited edition archival prints, as well as some exhibition prints on there :



getty images creative bursary

I am honoured to be a judge for the 2019 @gettyimages Creative Bursary along with @jesstdugan@museummammy@ryanpfluger@ericmcnatt, and #tonymoxham.

This year, the bursary is focused on the work of young LGBTQ2s artists. Three grants will be awarded: 3,000$, 7,000$ & 10,000$ - it is free to apply and the deadline is May 28. See the link above for more info on how to apply! Can’t wait to see what you all submit 

About : 
Getty Images Creative Bursary exists to provide emerging commercial talent with the financial freedom to explore their own projects of personal and creative significance - projects and productions that without funding, may otherwise not get off the ground. If you are a photographer who has been shooting for less than five years, you are eligible to apply.

Seeking to elevate the work of emerging photographers using their art form to create inclusive visual stories, in 2019, our Creative Bursary focuses on the LGBTQTIA+ community. Three grants will be awarded to selected emerging creative commercial photographers, whose work focuses on evolving narratives surrounding the lives of LGBTQTIA+ using still photography

Below are some old favorites from my ongoing project “non binary portraits” (2016-2019) of gender non-conforming youth.



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