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Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates on here, I’ve been working hard on a ton of project including a pop-up gallery, shop & workshop series I am co-curating this summer with my colleagues Starchild Stela & Ambivalently Yours.

Our first event lineup was released on facebook last night so feel free to go check that out and rsvp to the event!

About the gallery:
What happens when art and activism go to Camp? Is the work more daring and open when displaced into a collectively ephemeral state? Can serious action and ideas emerge from the light-hearted spirit of a camp-inspired setting? Our art exhibitions, shop and workshop series aims to highlight the work of artists who were born to be Camp stars. 

The gallery and shop will be officially open from July 2nd until our closing party on July 29th.

✿ Gallery & Shop opening hours ✿

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday : 11-6
Thursday, Friday : 11-8
Saturday, sunday: 12-5

* The gallery might be open at different hours according to events *

✿ Calendar ✿

Opening party July 5, from 5-9pm

Closing party July 29, from 5-9pm

-Dollhouse by the Coven
-Candyland sweet tears by Starchild Stela
-Swarm & Zuzu Knew cabin
- Best camp stories postcards exhibition

July 4: Transtrenders : Contes Queers par Sophie Labelle et Roxane Nadeau
July 5: Vernissage of Camp is a Tender Feeling exhibition
July 9-10: Weekend conference + art film screening
July 14: Cute fluffs life drawing
July 14: Movie night
July 15th: Tender Sounds Music Night
July 16th : Summer Soft Market
July 17th: Self care Day (nails by wolfie, face masks, clothing swap, etc.)
July 20: Bitter Sweet Hearts Club Friendship zine launch and drawing workshop
July 23-24: Week-end of camp activities (friendship bracelet making, craft night, button making, collage party, ect)
July 27: Photoshop workshop (scan, photoshop 101, portfolio skills)
July 29: Summer Pals vernissage & end of camp costume party!!!

* We will post separate Facebook events for each of these events. Details to be announced. *

Accessibility info:

-The Gallery is wheelchair accessible
-Single stall gender neutral bathroom
-Most events will be sober, except vernissages and closing party.
-All events are free or pay-what-you-can (No one turned away for lack of funds)
-More information about accessibility will be announced. Feel free to ask us specific questions at any time!

With Camp, we aim to create a space of our own, where soft femme sentiment and unapologetic feminist fury can comfortably coexist. Our Camp is a place where everything thought of as frivolous and fleeting suddenly has the potential to be radical and everlasting. 

Facebook event:

We, “Other”

I recently had some work up at POPOP gallery as part of Art Matters, I included some objects/installation aspects along with my prints which felt like a real turning point for me in terms of how I want to present my work. 

Here’s a little blurb about the show and some pictures of my work in it.

We,“Other” / Nous, “autres”
Curated by Miles Petrella

Using aspects of late-eighteenth and nineteenth-century aesthetics as a departure point, We, “Other” intends to reframe these eras and their ideological lineage within a contemporary art context. This exhibition displays an array of media to convey the different sensibilities put forth throughout the Late Baroque/Rococo period and the Victorian era. Together, these works deconstruct notions of taste, craft, materialism, identity, accumulation, and fetishism. Identity through dress/objects, material excess, and immersion through new media are also explored, prompting the viewer to question their concept of decadence. The included works seek to arouse the viewer while subverting universal truths surrounding beauty, knowledge, objects, sexuality, and the universal subjects which construct these very notions. The exhibition aims to achieve a sense of opulence, theatricality, and emotive presence by means of overloading audiences’ sensorial and spatial experience.



Winter Blues

Just wanted to post a little something to say hello and show some dreamy images I’ve been shooting indoors sheltering myself away from the snow these past couple of months. In the past month, I’ve also had my photo essay “On Friendship” published on The Photographic Journal (you can check it out here) - I want this project documenting and analyzing platonic love to go much beyond this small photo essay though, I’m working on expanding the work a lot to put together a book on this topic in the following year. So in a way I’d say the photographic journal essay I published is more of a draft for this bigger project rather than a finished product. Following the photo essay I also did an instagram takeover on the TPJ account during which I dug some unpublished images from the previous year in my archives, from my me vs others series :

talking about instagram, I’ve also recently made an account for my art collective on which all our artists are posting their new work & “behind the scenes” in weekly rotations, you can check it out here. I’ve got some work in an upcoming exhibition at Index Art Center in New Jersey this month entitled “Diaphanous”,  you can see more information on the event facebook page

Oh I was almost forgetting! I have some work in the wonderful book “UNLOCKED”, curated by Vassilis Zidianakis of Athopos CVC in Greece and looking at contemporary nude photography. You can see more about the book here :) 



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