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Anna & Fatine

Hi! Finally got around to publishing some of my favourite photos I took last year - check them out on Sukeban (& here they are below as well)

These photos are part of a loosely ongoing series I’ve been working on over the last year, photographing platonic intimacy in friendships around me. Fatine, Anna and I all went to college together - we took these photos on a really cold day in February, I walked up to Fatine’s house and Anna showed up a bit later with some pastries, I had asked them if I could take some photos of the two of them and they told me they love to take baths together so that’s what we did. Most of my work is staged/conceptual but whenever I get the chance to capture something real like this I love it so much, I love having the chance to enter into someone else’s world for a little bit. These days, Fatine just released a clothing collection (Gerald et Fatine SS17) & Anna is in a band called Security.



Interview with Rachel

Hi!! I’ve got lots of stuff coming up this week!! First up is the second instalment of my artist interview series on Adolescent. This time, I interviewed my friend Rachel Louise Hodgson, who was visiting from Brighton (UK) last month!! We talked about colours, instagram, and basically just had a good time doodling around my house.

check out the whole interview here :

will publish more photos of rachel in my fall photo diary coming up but here’s one for now :)

oh and I also finally started updating my society6 store again! :) And as always if you’d like a custom/signed print of any of my images just email me at laurencephilomenephoto(at)gmail(dot)com for details.



Amorphous / polyester zine

I finally get to release one of my favorite things I’ve shot in a long time!! I found this jewelry company based in the UK on instagram (camp jewelry) and was immediately obsessed with their weird amorphous brooches, so I shot this still life/blob photo series just playing with the shapes & my favourite colours. Wolfie did the nails & modelled for it <3 

you can check it out up on Polyester Zine & here are the images below as well!

ps working on a collab with polyester coming in january 2017… it’s going to be something big & exciting!! 


& for those of you in Montreal, I’ll be tabling at expozine for the 4th (5th?) year in a row this weekend! printed lots of new stuff for it :) 



lookbooks n whatnot

I rarely post commercial/commissioned work on here because I tend to keep that separate but lately I’ve been having a lot of fun shooting for local designers, so here’s some images from that :)

First up are some photos from my long-time collaborator kayleigh peddie’s fall 2016 lingerie line. We shot this in two part, with my friends chloe feller & rhiannon collett modelling. I’ve been shooting kayleigh’s lookbooks for a few years now but this one was especially fun as we introduced a bit more colour than usual!!! 

I also recently shot some photos for shop biohazard’s website revamp shooting some chockers & bracelets with my friend wolfie as the model plus the cutest little critter, here are some of my favorite shots <3 



Me vs others on The Photographic Journal

my pals over at TPJ asked me to send over an editorial for halloween, so I took that as an occasion to go through my archives and put together a series of previously unpublished works from my me vs others series spanning the last year or so.

These images feature friends, acquaintances, artists I admire. This series revolves around fictional dress up, self portraits rooted in no reality. These images in particular mostly remind me of how burned out I’ve been, it’s a bit of a documentation of that.

You can see it on their site here :) 

Images 1 & 8 –Monica Rekas
Images 2, 11 & 14 –Hana Haley
Images 3, 9& 16 –Lyndsie Alguire
Images 4, 7 & 15 –Lora Mathis
Image 5 –Root Feeldz
Images 6, 10 & 13 –Rhiannon Collett
Image 12 –Lux



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