Laurence Philomene

Laurence Philomene is a non-binary photographer, director and curator based in Montreal, Canada. Their work deals with questions of identity and selfhood as seen through a colourful queer + trans lens, blending documentary and fine art approaches.

Laurence’s work is informed by their lived experiences as a chronically ill, non-binary transgender artist coming of age amid the rise of internet culture and social media. They are interested in exploring western understandings of masculinity and femininity, and how those inform our perception of gender, visually. Moreover, they are fascinated by how femininity and masculinity can co-exist outside of the binary.

Laurence’s work on gender and identity has been published internationally in magazines such as Vice, Courrier International, The Independent, Dazed, I-D, Broadly, Teen Vogue, CBC arts, Wonderland, and Hunger Magazine. They have participated in over 30 exhibitions worldwide, including 4 solo exhibits in Toronto, Montreal, Berlin and Kracow.

The artist is currently working on a monograph of their project "Me vs others", which will be published in collaboration with Editions Lemaitre (Paris) in 2019.

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Ongoing/Upcoming Exhibitions + Talks

Currents curated by Forge Art Mag @ Mount Analogue (May 3-31, 2019, Seattle)

Chromatic Festival curated by The Letter Bet @ Usine C (May 10-17, 2019, Montreal, Canada)

Queeruption Festival (May 23 - June 8, 2019, Budapest)

"How GenZ is Reinventing Masculinity in Media" with Adolescent Content  @ Cannes Lions (June 17, Cannes, France)

Laurence Philomene @ La maison du Quebec à St-Malo (July-August 2019, St-Malo, France)

Boys! Boys! Boys! Cologne / Pride @ Galerie Biesenbach (July 5-7, 2019, Cologne, Germany)

Under the anti lies the body curated by Slowroom Contemporary @ Stefanskirken (August 13-18, 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark)

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