Laurence Philomene

Laurence Philomene is a non-binary photographer, director and curator based in Montreal, Canada. Laurence’s work is colourful and candid, and deals with questions of identity as seen through a queer/trans lens. 

Laurence’s work on gender and identity has been published in the likes of Dazed, I- D, Vice, Broadly, CBC Arts, Courrier International, Teen Vogue, Hunger Magazine, Wonderland, and The Independent, to name a few.  Laurence has participated in over 30 exhibitions worldwide,  including 3 solo exhibits in Toronto, Berlin and Cracow.  

The artist is currently working on a 10 year retrospective book, which will be published in collaboration with Editions Lemaitre (Paris) in 2019.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Laurence Philomene @ La maison du Quebec à St-Malo (July 2019, St-Malo, France)

Currents curated by Forge Art Mag @ Mount Analogue (May 3-31, 2019, Seattle)

Queeruption Festival (May 2019, Budapest)

Chromatic Festival @ Usine C (May 10-17, 2019, Montreal, Canada)

Boys Boys Boys @ The Ravestijn Gallery (March 22 - 30, 2019, Amsterdam)

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