It is what it is

My friend Starchild Stela & I had the pleasure of being invited to do an installation at Xpace for the month of January/February, which will be up until February 10 ~ For this project, we combined both of our non-binary portraits series and we wanted to present these works in a cozy/intimate atmosphere. I think this is probably the biggest project I ever worked on, basically a year’s worth of work in one room. 

Here’s some images of the installation, and here is an essay that was commissioned by xpace about the show // more info here!!




the most beautiful light I saw all year, gems’ room, june 2017

self portrait on christmas morning, december 2017

right now I’m in my yearly hibernation period but preparing a very special show with starchild stela at Xpace in Toronto which opens next friday, you can see the event here :

and last but not least, here is a picture of my foster cat vashti to bless you all for the new year



Graeme - Me vs others

Taking a little break from all the emails today to edit some personal work for the first time in ages…some pictures dear to my heart of the sunniest day in BC this summer / graeme as me / me as graeme idk it gets blurred. Something about gender and the special place graeme has in my heart, the west coast, flowers for this endless summer. 

Every time I photograph Graeme it’s like, a projection of self, my baby aspiring matriarch, I see something of me and I see something of you among the roses.

Couldn’t make up my mind so here’s like 100 of the same image, enjoy ~



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