I’m still in hibernation quite a bit, hiding away and working on my retrospective book/archive - but also bursting with ideas and can’t wait for spring, to start anew. 

I’ve had a portfolio of images from my non-binary series published in a special edition of Courrier International in France this month, here are some images from that feature: 

Here are some self portraits from this week // a few years ago, I was receiving a lot of harassment from men online and eventually got so anxious about it that I started to feel really uncomfortable existing on the internet. I logged out of my professional tumblr, instagram, Facebook etc for a few months (and @karensofiacolon took over my accounts, the sweetest, thank you) - I started the series “me vs others”  around that time, in which I dress up my friends as me with the orange wig and all - it was about being able to still take self portraits without having to physically exist online/in the photograph. felt like explaining the series cause I don’t think I ever have written about it before! Years of therapy later and here I am! 


lastly, my dear friend Hana Haley wrote a really sweet blog post about a day we spent at an apple orchard in the fall, you can check that out here: 




Fluide beauty

This winter I’m hibernating away, working on my archive and putting a retrospective book which is being published by Éditions Lemaitre in Paris in the spring so be on the lookout for that! Once I am done putting together my archive I will do a full overhaul of this website as well! Looking forward to sharing all this :)

BUT in the meantime! Here are some images I shot for Fluide beauty, which is a new all-genders beauty brand, and they just released their first collection this month: https://www.fluide.us/ 

They commissioned me to shoot some of my pals who identify as queer, trans, and/or non-binary in my studio, here are some of my favorite shots from this project!



It is what it is - official documentation

Got some official documentation photos from Xpace Cultural Centre of mine & Starchild Stela’s installation “it is what it is” (Jan 12-Feb 10 : http://www.xpace.info/exhibition-event/laurence-philomene-starchild-stela-it-is-what-it-is/

Documentation photos by Yuula Benivolski. This is one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on so very happy to have these photos to remember it! If you’re in Toronto, the exhibit is up for one more week & make sure to sign the guest book if you stop by ~



Non-Binary Portrait series part 2.5

This is the third instalment of a series of portraits I’ve been working on for the last couple of years of my non-binary friends. You can read more about it on the previous instalments here: 1 & 2.  As someone who identifies as non-binary myself it’s a project that’s been really close to my heart, and one that keeps evolving with me. This instalment is a bit less structured and takes the shape of a diary, documenting both new friends and some of the closest people in my life as their favourite selves.

These images were published in The Photographic Journal yesterday, you can check that out here



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