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Vice photo issue + june press

Hi! June has been such a hectic month! I am in the middle of moving so life is a bit all over the place right now but I’ve had a lot of projects released this month I am excited to share <3 

The first and most exciting in my eye is that I shot the cover of the Vice photo issue which came out this month! I was approached a few months ago by Elizabeth Renstrom, the current photo editor at Vice, to participate in this year’s photo issue and could not be more excited about it. The theme of the issue is “privacy & perception”, and I got to shoot some new work from my ongoing series “me vs others” for it. The cover I shot is about being single and being queer, and how those two identities co-exist/ it’s about loving myself but also yearning for romance. You can read more about the issue here: & more about my work for it here:

Here are images of my some of my spread + cover

This month I also had two archival print in the second edition of the “boys boys boys” auction on Paddle8 in collaboration with The Little Black Gallery in London, you can see the selection of works here :

In other pride news, I also had some work featured on W Mag alongside some really great contemporary queer photographers, you can check that out here:

Some other cool press that happened this month is that I got featured on Adweek’s 100 creatives of 2018 list!! Feels very surreal to be getting this kind of mainstream recognition but I’ve been working at this for over 10 years now so, I’ll take it!! You can view the list here (& in this month’s printed issue of adweek) :

Last but not least, this month I got to shoot some pride-related still lives for refinery29, which was a very interesting challenge, because pride is not a product you can photograph, you know? to me pride is more than anything about history, and it’s about social change, not about partying or corporations waving pride flags in the name of consumerism. 

Anyway, more on these thoughts another day, for now here are some of the images I shot :



exhbition in poland!

Hi all! I’ve got so much new work coming out this month (or next month I guess; june) but first I thought I’d share this exhibition I currently have in Cracow, Poland. The exhibition is titled “no boys, no girls, no nothin” (which comes from a tattoo in a picture I shot of natalia last year for my non-binary series) and was organized by Fundacja Nosna, you can check it out on their website here: - if you’re in poland the exhibition is up until june 15 so make sure to check it out!! It feels very special to be able to show this work in a country where LGBTQ rights are being denied and simply existing as such is a very political act at the moment. 

Also big thank you to Kinga Michalska who was also a big part in making this happen, you can view her work here :

Below are some images from the show, shot by Michalina Rolnik



March recap

It’s been a busy month over here!!! The cold Montreal forces me into hibernation still but this past month I’ve reached a lot of milestones I never thought I’d reach - now onto bigger dreams!! 

My biggest project this month was a music video I directed, shot & conceptualized for Radiant Baby, for his new single “Do it” which will be out in June! We collaborated on my first music video last year and it was such a delight to get to work together again. He told me the story of how him and his girlfriend met and I filmed my own interpretation of it, which is an all-purple queer love story. 

Here’s some stills/photos from the video shoot as a preview: 

this month was also AUCTION TIME! I got to participate in Artsida 8, a charity auction for accm which is a local AIDS organization here in Montreal. Was very happy to be able to raise funds for them <3 You can see more about that here :

Interestingly, I had a print of the same image featured in a second auction around the same time, this one on Paddle8. This one was really special to me because my work was shown/sold alongside all my teen idols: Wolfgang Tillmans, Ryan Mcginley, Robert Mapplethorpe, Andy Warhol, etc. It felt really validating/an honour to have my work in the same space as these artists I looked up to for so many years. Felt like I made it, like I’m one of the boys now. You can see the auction here: and some press below

additionally, I also continued my artist interview series with Adolescent, this time with Matthew James Wilson, founder of Forge Art mag and an all-around great dude who I got to chat with in Toronto back in august! 

You can view that here:

Aside from that I also co-hosted a zine workshop for Jeunes Queer Youth along with Maybe Silvan and I got to teach a college portrait photography class which was so much fun!!! 

Coming up….I’m still working on my retrospective book, getting closer to finishing it and I’m very excited about it!! I also shot some work for Converse which should be out any day, and I’ll be re-doing my non-binary exhibition as part of Rose festival in Montreal mid-may, more details on that soon! That’s all I can say for now ~



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