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  1. Graeme - Me vs others

    2017-09-28 19:10:31 UTC

    Taking a little break from all the emails today to edit some personal work for the first time in ages…some pictures dear to my heart of the sunniest day in BC this summer / graeme as me / me as graeme idk it gets blurred. Something about gender and the…

  2. Non-Binary Portrait Series part 2

    2017-03-09 18:22:00 UTC

    Hi!! I’ve been in complete hibernation all winter but I am back! With some photos I’ve been holding on to for a long time! But without further ado…here is part 2 of my non-binary portrait series :)  you can view the whole series here : & all of these…

  3. Non-Binary Portrait series part 1

    2016-11-16 19:33:00 UTC

    Hiiii!! I’ve been working on this portrait series for a while now, it’s ongoing but today I get to release the first part!! You can see a preview of it up on Broadly & the full series below This is the first instalment of an ongoing portrait series I’m working…

  4. December

    2015-12-18 21:07:00 UTC

    a little self portait session at home with my bird today, I hadn’t done that in a while xoxo Laurence

  5. LA Diary // part 2

    2015-12-06 21:48:00 UTC

    Some pictures from my very first & last day in LA this summer; I happened to hang out with (& take pictures of) Sara on both days. On my first day I went over to her house to help out on the set of Red Lighter Films’ ‘‘All Encompassing and…

  6. Wolfie as me

    2015-11-21 21:48:00 UTC

    I’m finally getting around to posting some of the images I shot this summer! These are some pictures I took of my friend Wolfie in my bedroom for my “me vs others” series before heading out to LA in July. I love blending elements of what’s mine vs what is…

  7. Portraits of Andrew

    2015-08-03 19:50:00 UTC

    These are some portraits I shot of my friend Andrew when I was living in Brooklynin March. I had never met Andrew before and he came over to my place for me to take his picture – I had been shooting a lot of commercial stuff at the time and…

  8. Shahzaade in Brooklyn

    2015-07-09 18:15:00 UTC

    I’m finally getting around to editing pictures from the last few months and getting back in WORK mode! I’ve been going back and forth between Montreal and New York quite a bit, these are from a commissioned portrait session I did with Shahzaade a few weeks ago in Brooklyn. I…

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