Getty Images “Creatives in Quarantine”

Hi! I am honoured to have received a grant for my ongoing project Puberty through the Getty Images “Creatives in Quarantine” bursary, alongside artists Ajay Abalaka, Federica Belli, Maya Iman, Julia Keil, Khalik Allah, Poochie Collins, DaShaunae Jackson-Lewis, Ngadi Smart & Yibing Sun.

I’m excited to keep working on this project as I have for the last 19 months!! Here are some images from Puberty shot over the last few days.




Hi! I’m hosting a raffle to raise direct reparations for Black & Indigenous trans folks - to enter, you can donate directly to Taking What We Need’s gofundme : - or any BIPOC trans person’s fundraiser (PayPal, gofundme, venmo etc) - I have an ongoing list of people you can support on the “donate” highlight on my instagram profile if you need a place to start. If you’d like me to boost/share your fundraiser also let me know and I will add it to the highlight! 

You can see more about the raffle on instagram here :

Each 10$ increment donated gets you one entry to win one of the 10 prints being raffled (so 20$ = 2 entries, etc). To enter, send me a screenshot/receipt of your donation via dm or email and let me know which print(s) you’d like to be entered to win. I will be sharing daily updates on the total amount raised on my story. 

Donations must be made between today & July 23 to enter the raffle. Entries are open worldwide and the winners will be announced on July 24. 

I encourage you to use this raffle as an opportunity to begin (or continue) an ongoing practice of direct reparations in your life moving forward. 

& heartfelt thank you to all the artist who collaborated on this project, really grateful for all their work, time and energy <3 

If you are not on instagram and just happened to stumble on this blog post, and would like to share the fundraiser with your network, you can also share this link which has all the info :

& big thank you to my friend Heather Lynn who did the design for the raffle (she also did my logo)!



June updates

My work was recently featured as part of Artsy’s Pride 2020 collection, “Portrayals of queer love”, which you can view here :

I’ve also had my work featured in the book “Toi aussi tu peux changer le monde”, which features young artists and activists working toward systemic change around the world! 

You can see more about the book here :



Women Photograph on The Washington Post

Quick update to share that the Washington Post published some work from Women Photograph : The Journal today, including a self-portrait of mine. 

You can read the article and see everyone’s beautiful work here:

And see more of “The Journal” here :



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