Non-Binary Portrait Series part 2

Hi!! I’ve been in complete hibernation all winter but I am back! With some photos I’ve been holding on to for a long time! But without further ado…here is part 2 of my non-binary portrait series :) 

you can view the whole series here :

& all of these will be on display in may in Berlin in my first solo exhibition in collaboration with curated by girls, more on that soon!

from the first part of the series :

 My aim with this series is to showcase a diversity of trans & non-binary experiences that tend to be under-represented in mainstream media & give non-binary subjects agency regarding how they are represented. It’s also an opportunity for me to document my friends & their unique style & point of view. As someone who identifies as non-binary it’s obviously a very personal topic for me but I wanted the photos to go beyond my own identity and really be a collaboration between me & the models.

Shahir Omar-Qrishnaswamy / She/Her 

Flora Fauna / They/She /

Kě Xīn / They/Them /

Lux / She/They /

Rufina / They/Them / 

Rochelle / She/They /

Hakeem Lapointe / They/Them / - 

Kiki / They/Them 

Lees Brenson / They/Them /

Nat Navi / They/Them /

Russell Louder / They/Them / -

Talibah / She/They 



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