Shop Inu Inu

Over the last month I’ve been collaborating with Shop Inu-Inu on a series of images for their social media - I don’t usually post commissioned/commercial work on here as I like to display mostly personal work on my website but I had so much fun working with this brand and wanted to share these fun images. It’s so great to get to work with smart young entrepreneurs that share similar values to mine!!So here’s a small selection of what I shot for them, you can check out more on their instagram and there will be more to come in the future as well :)
Models are my friends Fatine, Marie-Jane, Billy, Esmee and Michaela.

Color Studies / Lavender

this is the fourth instalment of my color studies series, shot with Ariana in October. With this one I wanted to recreate certain shots from the pink images, especially the hands in the bathtub - in this case I also used pepto bismol for the bath but added a bit of blue food coloring to make it lavender!

you can view the complete series here

lavender study #1

lavender study #2

lavender study #3

lavender study #4

lavender study #5

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