Winter Blues

Just wanted to post a little something to say hello and show some dreamy images I’ve been shooting indoors sheltering myself away from the snow these past couple of months. In the past month, I’ve also had my photo essay “On Friendship” published on The Photographic Journal (you can check it out here) - I want this project documenting and analyzing platonic love to go much beyond this small photo essay though, I’m working on expanding the work a lot to put together a book on this topic in the following year. So in a way I’d say the photographic journal essay I published is more of a draft for this bigger project rather than a finished product. Following the photo essay I also did an instagram takeover on the TPJ account during which I dug some unpublished images from the previous year in my archives, from my me vs others series :

talking about instagram, I’ve also recently made an account for my art collective on which all our artists are posting their new work & “behind the scenes” in weekly rotations, you can check it out here. I’ve got some work in an upcoming exhibition at Index Art Center in New Jersey this month entitled “Diaphanous”,  you can see more information on the event facebook page

Oh I was almost forgetting! I have some work in the wonderful book “UNLOCKED”, curated by Vassilis Zidianakis of Athopos CVC in Greece and looking at contemporary nude photography. You can see more about the book here :) 



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