We, “Other”

I recently had some work up at POPOP gallery as part of Art Matters, I included some objects/installation aspects along with my prints which felt like a real turning point for me in terms of how I want to present my work. 

Here’s a little blurb about the show and some pictures of my work in it.

We,“Other” / Nous, “autres”
Curated by Miles Petrella

Using aspects of late-eighteenth and nineteenth-century aesthetics as a departure point, We, “Other” intends to reframe these eras and their ideological lineage within a contemporary art context. This exhibition displays an array of media to convey the different sensibilities put forth throughout the Late Baroque/Rococo period and the Victorian era. Together, these works deconstruct notions of taste, craft, materialism, identity, accumulation, and fetishism. Identity through dress/objects, material excess, and immersion through new media are also explored, prompting the viewer to question their concept of decadence. The included works seek to arouse the viewer while subverting universal truths surrounding beauty, knowledge, objects, sexuality, and the universal subjects which construct these very notions. The exhibition aims to achieve a sense of opulence, theatricality, and emotive presence by means of overloading audiences’ sensorial and spatial experience.



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