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  1. Women Photograph on The Washington Post

    2020-05-27 21:40:10 UTC

    Quick update to share that the Washington Post published some work from Women Photograph : The Journal today, including a self-portrait of mine.  You can read the article and see everyone’s beautiful work here: And see more of “The Journal” here : xo Laurence

  2. Key to the city : CDMX for Here Mag

    2020-05-21 00:44:29 UTC

    In pre-covid times, I had the chance of spending some time photographing colourful cinematic moments in Mexico City for Here Magazine : Below are some of the beautiful layouts with my images in the magazine, as well as some of my personal favorites from the story. xo Laurence

  3. chroma mag red issue

    2017-12-12 01:52:54 UTC

    I’ve got some work in the red issue of chroma mag which is finally out and available here : really loved shooting these and focusing on just one colour!!  I also did an interview with vice recently which you can watch here!  xo Laurence 

  4. Flora Fauna for Constellation Mag

    2017-09-25 18:35:36 UTC

    The portraits I shot of my friend Flora for issue 2 of Constellation Mag are finally out!! This issue highlights a ton of really talented Canada-based artists so I highly recommend that you check it out! These photos are really special to me, we shot them in Brighton…

  5. teen vogue

    2017-06-15 19:56:07 UTC

    I just realized that I never got around to posting the images I shot for Teen Vogue’s september 2016 print issue! So here they are :) I shot two pages, one still life and one shoe spread ~  xo Laurence

  6. Somewhere x Nowhere

    2017-05-10 20:44:07 UTC

    Here is an editorial I shot for Somewhere x Nowhere’s Edelweiss collection, which I am absolutely in love with…tons of pinks, oranges, fluffy textures, I was really in my element with this one Models are my friends Rochelle & Flora :) You can see the editorial on the brand’s site…

  7. Polyester Zine issue 6

    2017-05-01 21:34:22 UTC

    The new issue of Polyester Zine is out! I got to do an editorial with my best friend Wolfie as well as an in depth interview where we talked about our friendship, collaborating, and the idea of the muse. You can buy the issue here :  And here is…

  8. Chroma magazine / RED issue

    2017-03-14 21:22:00 UTC

    My editorial for Chroma Magazine is out! I shot this for their first issue, which centers around the colour red - it was a bit of a challenge for me as I actually haven’t worked with red in my images in a really long time but I had so much…

  9. Anna & Fatine

    2016-11-15 18:49:00 UTC

    Hi! Finally got around to publishing some of my favourite photos I took last year - check them out on Sukeban (& here they are below as well) These photos are part of a loosely ongoing series I’ve been working on over the last year, photographing platonic intimacy in friendships…

  10. Amorphous / polyester zine

    2016-11-08 23:29:00 UTC

    I finally get to release one of my favorite things I’ve shot in a long time!! I found this jewelry company based in the UK on instagram (camp jewelry) and was immediately obsessed with their weird amorphous brooches, so I shot this still life/blob photo series just playing with the…

  11. Jump From Paper

    2016-08-29 21:44:00 UTC

    Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of shooting a fun little editorial for Jump From Paper with my girl Wolfie, as always I had a lot of fun playing with colors and shapes and whatnot - you can check out the editorial on their website and a selection below…

  12. Reclining nude with jello

    2016-04-06 23:37:00 UTC

    I’ve been making a lot of work re-exploring the idea of the “muse” and traditional painting themes like the reclining nude when photographing boys lately for a zine I’m putting together for TCAF in May…earlier this month I took a little break from the boys and did something similar with…

  13. Toddlers & Tiaras for Polyester zine

    2016-01-04 21:20:00 UTC

    Anyone who knows me knows that I have been obsessed with toddlers and tiaras ever since it first came out…so in the spirit of this reality show, I shot this little editorial for fun with chloe & hobbes this summer. You can see it all on polyester zine. I’ve missed…

  14. Two of a kind

    2015-12-03 01:04:00 UTC

    Earlier this fall I got the chance to collaborate with IGNANT for their “two of a kind” series where they send the same 3 objects to two different artists and see how each interprets them. In this case they sent me a paint roller, bubble gum and cotton pads -…

  15. Photo diary / Polyester Zine

    2015-04-02 21:40:00 UTC

    Here’s a little back to school photo diary I shot back in January with my friends Brie and Cassidy in Toronto for Polyester zine :) You can see it on their website here. xoxo Laurence

  16. Starchild Stela

    2015-02-26 03:56:00 UTC

    Last week I got to hang out with one of my favorite people/friends, artist Starchild Stela, and do some fun environmental portraits in their super cute house. The full feature will be out in the April issue of The Powder Room Magazine, but for now here are some outtakes :)…

  17. Trippy Nails editorial for Yahoo Style

    2015-01-20 02:30:12 UTC

    The editorial I shot for yahoo style is finally here! You can check it out & read my little interview here - they’ve selected 9 images but here is the full 16 image editorial below :) I shot this with some friends over a couple of days, nails are by…

  18. Sweet Temptations // Polyester zine

    2014-12-21 23:21:00 UTC

    Here is an editorial I shot for Polyester zine featuring Montreal’s very own Trollsen Twins and clothes & accessories from y2kworld / Trippy Mails! I had a lot of fun with this one, and got kind of obsessed with cheetos as you’ll probably notice… I’ve also been having a lot…

  19. Ice Cream Castle / Dreck Magazine

    2014-11-18 04:47:19 UTC

    Here is a girly editorial I worked on this summer - we shot this on the warmest day of the year in a parking lot and I thought I was going to die from heat. I’ve shot there before but I can’t get enough of this location, it’s an old…

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