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  1. Vice photo issue + june press

    2018-06-25 20:04:52 UTC

    Hi! June has been such a hectic month! I am in the middle of moving so life is a bit all over the place right now but I’ve had a lot of projects released this month I am excited to share <3  The first and most exciting in my eye…

  2. Amorphous / polyester zine

    2016-11-08 23:29:00 UTC

    I finally get to release one of my favorite things I’ve shot in a long time!! I found this jewelry company based in the UK on instagram (camp jewelry) and was immediately obsessed with their weird amorphous brooches, so I shot this still life/blob photo series just playing with the…

  3. Morphe Jewelry

    2016-02-07 03:43:00 UTC

    I don’t usually post my commercial work on here but this one holds a special spot in my heart! I got to shoot the product images & some fun still life imagery for the launch collection of Morphe Jewelry - all rose gold, opals, ethically-sourced diamonds, ufos and planets. Honestly…

  4. Two of a kind

    2015-12-03 01:04:00 UTC

    Earlier this fall I got the chance to collaborate with IGNANT for their “two of a kind” series where they send the same 3 objects to two different artists and see how each interprets them. In this case they sent me a paint roller, bubble gum and cotton pads -…

  5. Trippy Nails editorial for Yahoo Style

    2015-01-20 02:30:12 UTC

    The editorial I shot for yahoo style is finally here! You can check it out & read my little interview here - they’ve selected 9 images but here is the full 16 image editorial below :) I shot this with some friends over a couple of days, nails are by…

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