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  1. Greenhouse

    19 Feb 2015

    Hi there! Been super busy for the last few weeks doing a lot of commissioned work in Montreal before my move to New York Here’s some images from yesterday, shooting some spring-y t-shirts for shop inu inu for their social media :) Here’s also some pictures I took for Aunt…

  2. Recent work

    02 Feb 2015

    Here is some more recent work I’ve done for shop inu inu! I’ve been having lots of fun playing with colors & shapes in my little studio, making really bright and colorful images in the middle of winter In terms of less commercial work, I’ve got a pile of diary…

  3. Shop Inu Inu

    14 Jan 2015

    Over the last month I’ve been collaborating with Shop Inu-Inu on a series of images for their social media - I don’t usually post commissioned/commercial work on here as I like to display mostly personal work on my website but I had so much fun working with this brand and…

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