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March update

Thought I’d make an update on here since it’s been a while. I have taken the last few months as a bit of a personal sabbatical to heal from burn out and work on developing new projects, but I’m feeling ready to get back in action soon! I have been working on a new body of work of daily self portraits and diary images - thinking about productivity, the slow changes that come with HRT, passage of time, what is staged vs reality, beauty in the mundane, etc. This is a work in progress, not sure yet exactly where it’ll take me but I’m enjoying exploring new ideas visually, and making work outside of a commercial context/without putting too much expectation on it. 

I was invited to participate in my first residency, which will take place in Iceland next month with In House Outer Space - I’ll be working on this new body of work there and looking at the body in transformation vs landscape and icelandic folklore. I will post more about this soon ~

Here are a few images from this new project in progress

Currently, I have a print available as part of Boys! Boys! Boys! Volume 4, on paddle 8. The auction ends on March 28, click here to view it + bid : 

I have also designed a limited edition tee with Everpress, with this image from my 2013 series “Sugar High” - the shirt is available until March 30, you can go here to purchase it :

& here are some upcoming exhibitions for the next few months :

Laurence Philomene @ La maison du Quebec à St-Malo (July 2019, St-Malo, France)

Currents curated by Forge Art Mag @ Mount Analogue (May 3-31, 2019, Seattle)

Queeruption Festival (May 2019, Budapest)

Chromatic Festival @ Usine C (May 10-17, 2019, Montreal, Canada)

Boys Boys Boys @ The Ravestijn Gallery (March 22 - 30, 2019, Amsterdam)



possible selves : queer foto vernaculars at Williams College Museum of Art

I’ve had the pleasure of having a few pieces of mine as part of “Possible selves : queer foto vernaculars” at Williams College Museum Of Art - The exhibit is up until April 14, 2019 and it is an amazing collection of new queer photography. 

Here are some images of the installation taken in December by Bradley Wakoff of Berkshirian Images for WCMA (@wcmaart)

Next up, I am taking part in ArtSida9 which will be taking place on February 3 at the Museum of contemporary arts (MAC) in Montreal! More info on this here :



Recent non-binary portraits

Here are some recent portraits as part of my ongoing non-binary series - if anyone is interested in participating in the series feel free to reach out any time! I am located in Montreal but do travel fairly often. This project has grown a lot over the years, it is something I do for free out of love and am happy to make fun/honest/gender-affirming portraits of any fellow trans/gender-non-conforming ppl out there (non-binary or not) any time, don’t hesitate to ask 

Hobbes in my room (she/they). Hobbes is one of my favorite photographers, you can see her work here: - 

Arielle (she/her) in my studio in the fall. Arielle is an amazing Cree two-spirit writer and sex educator, you can see her work here: -

& Kris (they/them) in my studio this fall as well. Haven’t edited all of this shoot yet but here is a preview! Kris is a wonderful drag artist & dj, you can follow them here:



Me vs Others : the short film

To go along with my solo exhibition of the same title, Arizona O’Neill and I collaborated on a short film this fall, which we premiered at the exhibition and today it has premiered online on Adolescent. You can view it here, along with some words by myself & Arizona on the project, and some images of the opening night :

& here are some images of the exhibition and opening night : 

next up will be more non-binary portrait photos, and some new personal projects I am working on <3



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