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  1. Recent non-binary portraits

    2018-12-11 00:27:28 UTC

    Here are some recent portraits as part of my ongoing non-binary series - if anyone is interested in participating in the series feel free to reach out any time! I am located in Montreal but do travel fairly often. This project has grown a lot over the years, it is…

  2. nb portraits - chloe

    2018-09-02 03:02:59 UTC

    Another new addition to my non-binary portrait series - took these pictures of Chloe this week, in some sort of colourful camouflage. As always, these images are the result of a collaboration between me and the model - for these ones specifically, Chloe came up with this concept in relation…

  3. nb portraits - heath

    2018-08-18 05:19:46 UTC

    I took a little break from shooting non-binary portrait series while I was working on my book but I’m back at it! I think this time around I will just publish it shoot by shoot because that’s what feels the most natural to me right now Today I got to…

  4. Non-Binary Portrait series part 2.5

    2018-01-23 23:20:12 UTC

    This is the third instalment of a series of portraits I’ve been working on for the last couple of years of my non-binary friends. You can read more about it on the previous instalments here: 1 & 2.  As someone who identifies as non-binary myself it’s a project that’s been…

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