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  1. Juli Majer artist interview

    2017-09-15 19:07:15 UTC

    My latest artist interview is up on Adolescent - This one is with my super talented friend Juli Majer - we filmed this on the sleepiest night, my last one in Vancouver earlier this summer. This one is really soothing to me, hope it makes you feel calm too <3…

  2. Wooly mag

    2017-08-03 17:47:42 UTC

    Hi! I had some work in the most recent issue of Wooly magazine in Japan and they were super kind to organize an exhibition of my work in Tokyo as well so I thought I’d post a few photos they sent me of the exhibition set up!  xo Laurence

  3. Nail Transphobia artist interview

    2017-07-22 20:15:30 UTC

    My latest artist interview is up on Adolescent! This one is showcasing my amazing friend Charlie Craggs, who runs the campaing “Nail Transphobia” - check it out over on the adolescent website!

  4. What Does Our Future Hold + more

    2017-07-09 01:49:13 UTC

    Ok so this post is LONG overdue…7 months overdue to be exact. But here it is finally, some pictures from the exhibition & tarot deck I helped co-curate with The Coven, Polyester Zine and Isabella Podpadec of Dream Wife in London in January. You can see more about the project…

  5. Recent Press

    2017-07-09 00:53:00 UTC

    I’ve been super busy with my exhibition in Berlin last month and travelling since then but I’ve had a lot of press recently so I thought I’d post that on here! Photos from my berlin show to come soon as well <3  first up is this feature on the official…

  6. teen vogue

    2017-06-15 19:56:07 UTC

    I just realized that I never got around to posting the images I shot for Teen Vogue’s september 2016 print issue! So here they are :) I shot two pages, one still life and one shoe spread ~  xo Laurence

  7. Kendra Yee artist interview

    2017-05-12 23:35:23 UTC

    My latest artist interview is up on Adolescent! This time I interviewed Kendra Yee, just as she was about to graduate from OCAD - we talked about the characters she creates, and being a young artist - you can see the full video on the site : xo Laurence

  8. Somewhere x Nowhere

    2017-05-10 20:44:07 UTC

    Here is an editorial I shot for Somewhere x Nowhere’s Edelweiss collection, which I am absolutely in love with…tons of pinks, oranges, fluffy textures, I was really in my element with this one Models are my friends Rochelle & Flora :) You can see the editorial on the brand’s site…

  9. Polyester Zine issue 6

    2017-05-01 21:34:22 UTC

    The new issue of Polyester Zine is out! I got to do an editorial with my best friend Wolfie as well as an in depth interview where we talked about our friendship, collaborating, and the idea of the muse. You can buy the issue here :  And here is…

  10. Ginette Lapalme artist interview

    2017-05-01 20:42:29 UTC

    Hi! My latest artist interview is up on Adolescent :) This time, I interviewed one of my favorite artists and biggest inspirations, Ginette Lapalme. You can view the interview here : Here is also some recent press : - interview with Gender Spectrum - interview on The Outsiderz -…

  11. Netflix / 13 reasons why

    2017-04-13 00:42:00 UTC

    I got the chance to direct a campaign video for Netflix’s new show “13 reasons why”, more specifically their social media campaign #ReasonsWhyYouMatter and the video is finally out today on Netflix’s facebook and twitter!  It’s a really lovely project about friendship and love and I’m honestly so grateful I…

  12. Radiant Baby / Save me from myself

    2017-04-04 16:19:00 UTC

    I’ve been doing a lot of directing lately and really loving it! Earlier this winter I got to collaborate with Radiant Baby on his album imagery as well as the music video for his new song “Save me from myself” and the video is out today :) You can check…

  13. Chroma magazine / RED issue

    2017-03-14 21:22:00 UTC

    My editorial for Chroma Magazine is out! I shot this for their first issue, which centers around the colour red - it was a bit of a challenge for me as I actually haven’t worked with red in my images in a really long time but I had so much…

  14. CBC arts interview

    2017-03-11 23:01:00 UTC

    Along with releasing part 2 of the non-binary portrait series this week, CBC arts also released a video interview with me talking about the project :) You can view it here : I also just want to say that I am really grateful for the attention this project has…

  15. Non-Binary Portrait Series part 2

    2017-03-09 18:22:00 UTC

    Hi!! I’ve been in complete hibernation all winter but I am back! With some photos I’ve been holding on to for a long time! But without further ado…here is part 2 of my non-binary portrait series :)  you can view the whole series here : & all of these…

  16. Month of Photography Los Angeles

    2017-02-01 21:40:00 UTC

    Hi! Just wanted to post an update to say I have some work in the Instagram Jam exhibition at Month of Photography Los Angeles starting tomorrow (february 2nd). To anyone in LA, please go check it out for me <3  You can read more about the event here : …

  17. December update

    2016-12-06 08:07:00 UTC

    Hi! Just thought I’d make a blog post with some updates from the last week or so First off, the third instalment of my interview series for is up, with my good friend & one of my favorite artists Brie Moreno aka boogerbrie - you can check that out…

  18. Non-Binary Portrait series part 1

    2016-11-16 19:33:00 UTC

    Hiiii!! I’ve been working on this portrait series for a while now, it’s ongoing but today I get to release the first part!! You can see a preview of it up on Broadly & the full series below This is the first instalment of an ongoing portrait series I’m working…

  19. Anna & Fatine

    2016-11-15 18:49:00 UTC

    Hi! Finally got around to publishing some of my favourite photos I took last year - check them out on Sukeban (& here they are below as well) These photos are part of a loosely ongoing series I’ve been working on over the last year, photographing platonic intimacy in friendships…

  20. Interview with Rachel

    2016-11-14 18:58:00 UTC

    Hi!! I’ve got lots of stuff coming up this week!! First up is the second instalment of my artist interview series on Adolescent. This time, I interviewed my friend Rachel Louise Hodgson, who was visiting from Brighton (UK) last month!! We talked about colours, instagram, and basically just had a…

  21. Amorphous / polyester zine

    2016-11-08 23:29:00 UTC

    I finally get to release one of my favorite things I’ve shot in a long time!! I found this jewelry company based in the UK on instagram (camp jewelry) and was immediately obsessed with their weird amorphous brooches, so I shot this still life/blob photo series just playing with the…

  22. lookbooks n whatnot

    2016-11-04 02:58:00 UTC

    I rarely post commercial/commissioned work on here because I tend to keep that separate but lately I’ve been having a lot of fun shooting for local designers, so here’s some images from that :) First up are some photos from my long-time collaborator kayleigh peddie’s fall 2016 lingerie line. We…

  23. Me vs others on The Photographic Journal

    2016-11-02 06:03:00 UTC

    my pals over at TPJ asked me to send over an editorial for halloween, so I took that as an occasion to go through my archives and put together a series of previously unpublished works from my me vs others series spanning the last year or so These images feature…

  24. Freer in Berlin

    2016-10-05 23:59:00 UTC

    I’ve got some work in curated by girl’s first show “FREER IN BERLIN” coming up in a few days! You can rsvp to the even here :) if any of you go, please take photos for me! and here’s some press about the exhibition:…

  25. Summer press & upcoming exhibitions

    2016-09-16 02:25:00 UTC

    just a little post to tally up some of the interviews/press I did this summer :) interview on curated by girls (september 2016) : interview in jungle magazine (august 2016) : feature in I-D magazine (august 2016) : feature in forge mag issue 12 (july 2016) :…

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