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  1. LA Diary // Part 3

    02 Jan 2016

    Here are some images I shot of fellow photographers (Arvida Bystrom, Molly Matalon & Vivian Fu) when I was in LA this summer - these were published alongside an interview about my series ”me vs others” in Dazed last week, you can read the article here.  xoxo Laurence

  2. December

    18 Dec 2015

    a little self portait session at home with my bird today, I hadn’t done that in a while xoxo Laurence

  3. LA Diary // part 2

    06 Dec 2015

    Some pictures from my very first & last day in LA this summer; I happened to hang out with (& take pictures of) Sara on both days. On my first day I went over to her house to help out on the set of Red Lighter Films’ ‘‘All Encompassing and…

  4. Two of a kind

    03 Dec 2015

    Earlier this fall I got the chance to collaborate with IGNANT for their “two of a kind” series where they send the same 3 objects to two different artists and see how each interprets them. In this case they sent me a paint roller, bubble gum and cotton pads -…

  5. LA diary // part 1

    29 Nov 2015

    I fell in love with LA this summer and then subsequently spent the following months feeling quite heartbroken. I let the pictures I took there sit for a while, trying to figure out what I should do with them. Well, it’s been 4 months now and I figure it’s time…

  6. Wolfie as me

    21 Nov 2015

    I’m finally getting around to posting some of the images I shot this summer! These are some pictures I took of my friend Wolfie in my bedroom for my “me vs others” series before heading out to LA in July. I love blending elements of what’s mine vs what is…

  7. Portraits of Andrew

    03 Aug 2015

    These are some portraits I shot of my friend Andrew when I was living in Brooklynin March. I had never met Andrew before and he came over to my place for me to take his picture – I had been shooting a lot of commercial stuff at the time and…

  8. Chloe & Hobbes/Me

    30 Jul 2015

    I’ve always been a self portrait artist but at some point over the last couple of years for the first time in my life I started to feel uncomfortable with showing myself online… something about vulnerability that started to freak me out, so I stopped taking self portraits. But I…

  9. Shahzaade in Brooklyn

    09 Jul 2015

    I’m finally getting around to editing pictures from the last few months and getting back in WORK mode! I’ve been going back and forth between Montreal and New York quite a bit, these are from a commissioned portrait session I did with Shahzaade a few weeks ago in Brooklyn. I…

  10. Cheyenne/Me

    26 Jun 2015

    I forgot to post these earlier, but here are some pictures I took of Cheyenne Sophia as me in March +  a shot from a commissioned portrait session I did this month. More new images to come soon :) xoxo Laurence

  11. Photo diary / Polyester Zine

    02 Apr 2015

    Here’s a little back to school photo diary I shot back in January with my friends Brie and Cassidy in Toronto for Polyester zine :) You can see it on their website here. xoxo Laurence

  12. Edwin/me

    13 Mar 2015

    This is the second instalment of self portraits taken through other people. This one is of my friend Edwin wearing my pink tracksuit. xoxo Laurence

  13. Alexandra/me

    28 Feb 2015

    The last couple of months I’ve been working a series of self-portraits through others - exploring my identity vs what I project onto the people I photograph, and also just exploring colors that are meaningful to me (mostly my orange hair, blue, and pink, and seeing how those colors interact)…

  14. Starchild Stela

    26 Feb 2015

    Last week I got to hang out with one of my favorite people/friends, artist Starchild Stela, and do some fun environmental portraits in their super cute house. The full feature will be out in the April issue of The Powder Room Magazine, but for now here are some outtakes :)…

  15. Greenhouse

    19 Feb 2015

    Hi there! Been super busy for the last few weeks doing a lot of commissioned work in Montreal before my move to New York Here’s some images from yesterday, shooting some spring-y t-shirts for shop inu inu for their social media :) Here’s also some pictures I took for Aunt…

  16. Recent work

    02 Feb 2015

    Here is some more recent work I’ve done for shop inu inu! I’ve been having lots of fun playing with colors & shapes in my little studio, making really bright and colorful images in the middle of winter In terms of less commercial work, I’ve got a pile of diary…

  17. Trippy Nails editorial for Yahoo Style

    20 Jan 2015

    The editorial I shot for yahoo style is finally here! You can check it out & read my little interview here - they’ve selected 9 images but here is the full 16 image editorial below :) I shot this with some friends over a couple of days, nails are by…

  18. Shop Inu Inu

    14 Jan 2015

    Over the last month I’ve been collaborating with Shop Inu-Inu on a series of images for their social media - I don’t usually post commissioned/commercial work on here as I like to display mostly personal work on my website but I had so much fun working with this brand and…

  19. Sweet Temptations // Polyester zine

    21 Dec 2014

    Here is an editorial I shot for Polyester zine featuring Montreal’s very own Trollsen Twins and clothes & accessories from y2kworld / Trippy Mails! I had a lot of fun with this one, and got kind of obsessed with cheetos as you’ll probably notice… I’ve also been having a lot…

  20. Color Studies / Lavender

    09 Dec 2014

    this is the fourth instalment of my color studies series, shot with Ariana in October. With this one I wanted to recreate certain shots from the pink images, especially the hands in the bathtub - in this case I also used pepto bismol for the bath but added a bit…

  21. Ice Cream Castle / Dreck Magazine

    18 Nov 2014

    Here is a girly editorial I worked on this summer - we shot this on the warmest day of the year in a parking lot and I thought I was going to die from heat. I’ve shot there before but I can’t get enough of this location, it’s an old…

  22. Color Studies / Yellow

    12 Nov 2014

    Third instalment of my color studies series, yellow with Esmee last week. You can view the rest of the series so far here yellow study #1 yellow study #2 yellow study #3 yellow study #4 yellow study #5 yellow study #6 / mirror reflection yellow study #7

  23. New York Diary part I

    12 Nov 2014

    I’m finally getting around to editing some of my diary pictures from my two trips to new york in october! Here are some shots from my afternoon at Amanda Jas’ studio, a really inspiring and relaxing space :) she mostly took pictures of me but I also snapped a few…

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