What Does Our Future Hold + more

Ok so this post is LONG overdue…7 months overdue to be exact. But here it is finally, some pictures from the exhibition & tarot deck I helped co-curate with The Coven, Polyester Zine and Isabella Podpadec of Dream Wife in London in January. You can see more about the project here : http://www.itsnicethat.com/news/tarot-exhibition-060116?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=intsocial


This was such a special night to get to see so many artists from different parts of the world all come together! Apologies that there aren’t more pictures, I was a bit distracted all night! 

ps no there are no more tarot decks available, but thanks to everyone who came to get one at the opening night <3 

here’s a list of all the artists that participated and created a tarot card design for the show : 

Alice Go, Amanda Craig, Ambivalently Yours, Amrit Brar, Amy Gough, Ashley Armitage, Ava Asaadi, Ayesha Tan Jones, Bao Ngo, Becky McLoughlin, Bridget Meyne, Brie Moreno, Caitlin Hazel, Charline Bataille, Clara Talajik, Chloe Sheppard, Clio Peppiatt, Dessy Baeva, Denzel Wauchope, Eleanor Hardwick, Ellie Hoskins, Emily Belanger, Emily Franklin, Flora Fauna, Georgia Haire, Grace Miceli, Grace Mirindi, Hatti Rex, Hobbes Ginsberg, Hugo Lloyd Winder, Ian, Isabella Podpadec, Jasmin Risk, Jessica Dyer, Joe Watson Price, Jon Estwards, Joy Miessi, Kendra Yee, Kiki Nicole, Laurence Philomene, Lauren Crow, Linn Sundqivist, Liv Thurley, Lora Mathis, Louise Reimer, Lucky Los Santos, Lu Williams, Maggie Brennan, Maisie Cousins, Marlena Synchyshyn, Mars Hobrecker, Matthew Pettitt, Niall Gormley, Nicolette Iles, Nina Goodyer, Panteha Abareshi, Rachel Louise Hodgson, Rachel Povey, Ryan Humphrey, Saffa Khan, Sahar Gilani, Samantha Conlon, Secret Branch, Simon Fortin, Simone Blain, Sinae Lee, Sonia Choi, Starchild Stela, Swarm, Tayler Smith, Wendy Wong, Wishcandy, Zuzu Knew 

We gave each artist a specific card and a limited colour palette of red + blue + black + purple and made a limited edition tarot deck with the results ~~  our goal with it as always was to uplift the voices of a diverse group of artists <3

& you can also see some footage from the exhibition in my latest artist interview video with Ione Gamble, editor of polyester zine, here : https://www.adolescent.net/a/artist-interview-series-ione-gamble



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