Non-Binary Portrait series part 1

Hiiii!! I’ve been working on this portrait series for a while now, it’s ongoing but today I get to release the first part!! You can see a preview of it up on Broadly & the full series below!!

This is the first instalment of an ongoing portrait series I’m working on. My aim with this series is to showcase a diversity of trans & non-binary experiences that tend to be under-represented in mainstream media & give non-binary subjects agency regarding how they are represented. It’s also an opportunity for me to document my friends & their unique style & point of view. As someone who identifies as non-binary it’s obviously a very personal topic for me but I wanted the photos to go beyond my own identity and really be a collaboration between me & the models.

above: Benjamin Da Silva, he/him pronouns, instagram: @dadcomplex

above : Hobbes Ginsberg, she/they pronouns, instagram: @hhobbess

above : Billy Starfield, they/them pronouns, instagram: @billy_parton

above: Lux, they/them pronouns, instagram: @yourrrdagger

above : Lucky, he/they pronouns, instagram: @pitypartymonster

above : William, “He - She - Me”, instagram: @magazineboy 

above : Ciara, they/them pronouns, instagram: @necrotizing_fasciitis

more to come!



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