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  1. Sweet Temptations // Polyester zine

    21 Dec 2014

    Here is an editorial I shot for Polyester zine featuring Montreal’s very own Trollsen Twins and clothes & accessories from y2kworld / Trippy Mails! I had a lot of fun with this one, and got kind of obsessed with cheetos as you’ll probably notice… I’ve also been having a lot…

  2. Color Studies / Lavender

    09 Dec 2014

    this is the fourth instalment of my color studies series, shot with Ariana in October. With this one I wanted to recreate certain shots from the pink images, especially the hands in the bathtub - in this case I also used pepto bismol for the bath but added a bit…

  3. Ice Cream Castle / Dreck Magazine

    18 Nov 2014

    Here is a girly editorial I worked on this summer - we shot this on the warmest day of the year in a parking lot and I thought I was going to die from heat. I’ve shot there before but I can’t get enough of this location, it’s an old…

  4. Color Studies / Yellow

    12 Nov 2014

    Third instalment of my color studies series, yellow with Esmee last week. You can view the rest of the series so far here yellow study #1 yellow study #2 yellow study #3 yellow study #4 yellow study #5 yellow study #6 / mirror reflection yellow study #7

  5. New York Diary part I

    12 Nov 2014

    I’m finally getting around to editing some of my diary pictures from my two trips to new york in october! Here are some shots from my afternoon at Amanda Jas’ studio, a really inspiring and relaxing space :) she mostly took pictures of me but I also snapped a few…

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