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  1. November updates

    2020-11-03 01:06:02 UTC

    Hi hi! Time for a monthly update ~ First up, I am so so grateful to be listed as one of this year’s The 30 Photographers (formerly known as PDN 30). I used to daydream about being on this list as a photo student back in the day so it…

  2. September updates

    2020-10-01 00:27:50 UTC

    Hi hi! It’s been a busy month over here, I’ve been working on a project for the city of Montreal in collaboration with Massivart which I will share shortly but for now, here are a few exhibition & press updates ~ First up, here are some installation views of my…

  3. Getty Images “Creatives in Quarantine”

    2020-07-31 21:01:07 UTC

    Hi! I am honoured to have received a grant for my ongoing project Puberty through the Getty Images “Creatives in Quarantine” bursary, alongside artists Ajay Abalaka, Federica Belli, Maya Iman, Julia Keil, Khalik Allah, Poochie Collins, DaShaunae Jackson-Lewis, Ngadi Smart & Yibing Sun I’m excited to keep working on this…

  4. June updates

    2020-06-25 19:50:35 UTC

    My work was recently featured as part of Artsy’s Pride 2020 collection, “Portrayals of queer love”, which you can view here : I’ve also had my work featured in the book “Toi aussi tu peux changer le monde”, which features young artists and activists working toward systemic change around…

  5. Women Photograph on The Washington Post

    2020-05-27 21:40:10 UTC

    Quick update to share that the Washington Post published some work from Women Photograph : The Journal today, including a self-portrait of mine.  You can read the article and see everyone’s beautiful work here: And see more of “The Journal” here : xo Laurence

  6. Key to the city : CDMX for Here Mag

    2020-05-21 00:44:29 UTC

    In pre-covid times, I had the chance of spending some time photographing colourful cinematic moments in Mexico City for Here Magazine : Below are some of the beautiful layouts with my images in the magazine, as well as some of my personal favorites from the story. xo Laurence

  7. Recent press

    2020-05-16 00:22:45 UTC

    As I previously shared on here, I was scheduled to have some work exhibited at Fotografiska NY as part of the exhbition “New Visions” in collaboration with Vice. Unfortunately, the museum was forced to close under covid-19 measures the day the exhibition opened! In order to bring more visibility to…

  8. May update

    2020-05-06 23:27:42 UTC

    Some things I’ve been up to this past month in isolation 1. I shot a self-portrait for refinery29 as part of a piece where they commissioned 29 photographers around the world to share what their experience is during the covid-19 outbreak on a given day at 3 pm. You…

  9. CBC Arts

    2020-04-14 22:28:39 UTC

    If you’d like to see what I’ve been up to during quarantine, you can do so in this fun video interview I self-shot for CBC Art’s series of “Covid Residencies” : To support my work during this time, I encourage you to check out my print store where I…

  10. Exhibition updates

    2020-03-10 17:31:00 UTC

    Hi! I have some work on display as part of “New Visions” at Fotografiska Museum NY in collaboration with Vice - the exhibit is open from March 13 to June 28 in New York. Link here for more info : You can read an article about the exhibition written…

  11. Women Photograph mentorship class

    2019-10-17 02:04:15 UTC

    It was just announced that I will take part in the 2019-2020 mentorship class organized by Women Photograph. I will use this mentorship program as a way to deepen and develop my skills and knowledge when it comes to long-form documentary photography, and shorter-term photojournalism.  You can read more about…

  12. Lucie Foundation Scholarship

    2019-07-31 18:55:37 UTC

    A quick note to say :  I am so happy & proud to announce that I am the recipient of this year’s emerging artist scholarship from Lucie Foundation!!!! As part of this scholarship program I will be continuing to shoot my daily self portrait project “puberty”, documenting my experiences with…

  13. july update

    2019-07-06 23:47:08 UTC

    Writing this live from the july heatwave ~  Last month, I got the chance to spend a week in Cannes where I was invited to present my work and speak about shifting norms of masculinity + trans inclusivity as part of @cannes_lions with @adolescentcontent. I’ve been really enjoying giving more…

  14. June update - puberty & new prints

    2019-06-05 20:18:37 UTC

    Thought I’d post an update on my ongoing project “Puberty” on here About the project :  “Puberty” is an ongoing self-portrait project documenting physical changes and mundane moments during my transition on HRT (hormonal replacement therapy) as a non-binary transgender person.  In April 2018, I began a medical transition process…

  15. Forge art mag - currents + chromatic festival

    2019-05-25 16:54:36 UTC

    This month I had the pleasure of being included in Forge Art Mag’s Currents exhibition at Mount Analogue in Seattle, alongside some amazing artists and fellow long-time collaborators of the magazine I showed three pieces as part of the exhibition, two images from my series “Lucky”, and one from “Puberty” …

  16. getty images creative bursary

    2019-05-13 18:08:40 UTC I am honoured to be a judge for the 2019 @gettyimages Creative Bursary along with @jesstdugan, @museummammy, @ryanpfluger, @ericmcnatt, and #tonymoxham.This year, the bursary is focused on the work of young LGBTQ2s artists. Three grants will be awarded: 3,000$, 7,000$ & 10,000$ - it is free to apply and…

  17. Fluide Beauty Spring 2019 & April update

    2019-04-02 02:06:47 UTC

    I got to shoot yet another editorial for Fluide Beauty and had so much fun with it! Such a pleasure getting to work with a queer brand and compensate queer + trans models.  Below are some of my favourite images from the project! Models : Elle / Kaiden / Lou…

  18. March update

    2019-03-16 21:45:50 UTC

    Thought I’d make an update on here since it’s been a while. I have taken the last few months as a bit of a personal sabbatical to heal from burn out and work on developing new projects, but I’m feeling ready to get back in action soon! I have been…

  19. possible selves : queer foto vernaculars at Williams College Museum of Art

    2019-01-17 23:40:26 UTC

    I’ve had the pleasure of having a few pieces of mine as part of “Possible selves : queer foto vernaculars” at Williams College Museum Of Art - The exhibit is up until April 14, 2019 and it is an amazing collection of new queer photography.  Here are some images of…

  20. self portraits for the new year

    2019-01-04 22:05:55 UTC

    2019 for me is all about knowing my worth, and showing up as/for myself more To embody this spirit, I took some self portraits in collaboration with Jess Cohen & 3_3_4_7 - here are the resulting images  below I am in the process of finishing up my first monograph with…

  21. Recent non-binary portraits

    2018-12-11 00:27:28 UTC

    Here are some recent portraits as part of my ongoing non-binary series - if anyone is interested in participating in the series feel free to reach out any time! I am located in Montreal but do travel fairly often. This project has grown a lot over the years, it is…

  22. Me vs Others : the short film

    2018-11-29 00:22:02 UTC

    To go along with my solo exhibition of the same title, Arizona O’Neill and I collaborated on a short film this fall, which we premiered at the exhibition and today it has premiered online on Adolescent. You can view it here, along with some words by myself & Arizona on…

  23. Me vs Others at The Letter Bet

    2018-11-18 00:18:00 UTC

    Here are a few images from my installation “me vs others” at The Letter Bet- the exhibition is on view until November 27 in Montreal! You can also purchase the exhibition artwork on the Letter Bet’s website here: I’ve also made a playlist for the exhibition which you can…

  24. Exhibition details

    2018-11-02 00:01:38 UTC

    Hi! My solo exhibition at The Letter Bet in Montreal is coming up in just a week!  The opening night is November 8, from 6 to 9 pm, with a special showing of the short film I’ve co-directed with Arizona O’Neill at 7 pm. Hope to see you there if…

  25. Boys will be Boys at Junior High

    2018-10-24 01:43:30 UTC

    Lucky’s butt & satin, 2017 - the day after my solo show opens, this amazing group show I have work in also opens in LA at @juniorhighla curated by @irrisrray 💖 event link & info below: — “Boys Will Be Boys” is a photography group show that tells stories…

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