Recent Press

I’ve been super busy with my exhibition in Berlin last month and travelling since then but I’ve had a lot of press recently so I thought I’d post that on here! Photos from my berlin show to come soon as well <3 

first up is this feature on the official instagram account & one on the teen vogue account as well :) 

& a selection of some recent interviews : 

interview in Refinery 29 UK (june 2017)

interview in Missy Magazine (german) (may 2017)

interview in I-D magazine (may 2017)

interview in I-D Germany (german) (may 2017)

interview in Hunger Mag (may 2017)

interview in Vice Creators (may 2017)

& I also have some work in Favorite Zine along with a ton of wonderful photographers, you can pre-order the zine here : & the proceeds will go to Las Fotos Project, a non-profit that helps girls and non-binary teens facing adversity through photography mentoring.



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