Anna & Fatine

Hi! Finally got around to publishing some of my favourite photos I took last year - check them out on Sukeban (& here they are below as well)

These photos are part of a loosely ongoing series I’ve been working on over the last year, photographing platonic intimacy in friendships around me. Fatine, Anna and I all went to college together - we took these photos on a really cold day in February, I walked up to Fatine’s house and Anna showed up a bit later with some pastries, I had asked them if I could take some photos of the two of them and they told me they love to take baths together so that’s what we did. Most of my work is staged/conceptual but whenever I get the chance to capture something real like this I love it so much, I love having the chance to enter into someone else’s world for a little bit. These days, Fatine just released a clothing collection (Gerald et Fatine SS17) & Anna is in a band called Security.



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