Me vs others on The Photographic Journal

my pals over at TPJ asked me to send over an editorial for halloween, so I took that as an occasion to go through my archives and put together a series of previously unpublished works from my me vs others series spanning the last year or so.

These images feature friends, acquaintances, artists I admire. This series revolves around fictional dress up, self portraits rooted in no reality. These images in particular mostly remind me of how burned out I’ve been, it’s a bit of a documentation of that.

You can see it on their site here :) 

Images 1 & 8 –Monica Rekas
Images 2, 11 & 14 –Hana Haley
Images 3, 9& 16 –Lyndsie Alguire
Images 4, 7 & 15 –Lora Mathis
Image 5 –Root Feeldz
Images 6, 10 & 13 –Rhiannon Collett
Image 12 –Lux



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