getty images creative bursary

I am honoured to be a judge for the 2019 @gettyimages Creative Bursary along with @jesstdugan@museummammy@ryanpfluger@ericmcnatt, and #tonymoxham.

This year, the bursary is focused on the work of young LGBTQ2s artists. Three grants will be awarded: 3,000$, 7,000$ & 10,000$ - it is free to apply and the deadline is May 28. See the link above for more info on how to apply! Can’t wait to see what you all submit 

About : 
Getty Images Creative Bursary exists to provide emerging commercial talent with the financial freedom to explore their own projects of personal and creative significance - projects and productions that without funding, may otherwise not get off the ground. If you are a photographer who has been shooting for less than five years, you are eligible to apply.

Seeking to elevate the work of emerging photographers using their art form to create inclusive visual stories, in 2019, our Creative Bursary focuses on the LGBTQTIA+ community. Three grants will be awarded to selected emerging creative commercial photographers, whose work focuses on evolving narratives surrounding the lives of LGBTQTIA+ using still photography

Below are some old favorites from my ongoing project “non binary portraits” (2016-2019) of gender non-conforming youth.



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