exhbition in poland!

Hi all! I’ve got so much new work coming out this month (or next month I guess; june) but first I thought I’d share this exhibition I currently have in Cracow, Poland. The exhibition is titled “no boys, no girls, no nothin” (which comes from a tattoo in a picture I shot of natalia last year for my non-binary series) and was organized by Fundacja Nosna, you can check it out on their website here: http://nosna.pl/en/laurence-philomene-no-girls-no-boys-no-nothin/ - if you’re in poland the exhibition is up until june 15 so make sure to check it out!! It feels very special to be able to show this work in a country where LGBTQ rights are being denied and simply existing as such is a very political act at the moment. 

Also big thank you to Kinga Michalska who was also a big part in making this happen, you can view her work here : https://kingamichalska.com/

Below are some images from the show, shot by Michalina Rolnik



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