Interview with Hobbes

Hi! I’ve been working on a series of artist interview videos with adolescent content and the first one is out! I shot this one with Hobbes Ginsberg a couple of weeks ago and had a lot of fun with it <3 talking about her work, trans representation, filmmaking, etc etc. You can view the full video on the adolescent website.

Here is also a few photos I shot of Hobbes back in June with some of her no name canadian grocery items. I shot these to show at camp gallery in July but never actually posted them on here so there you go :)

In other news, I also had an interview published in Wonderland magazine today, head over there to read it if you want :)

& I’ve been getting lots of love in germany recently, which got me thinking I might go visit later this year! Just had a show with curated by girls last week in berlin and I’ll have some work in hamburg this weekend for container of love #4 :) check it out if you’re there!



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