I’m still in hibernation quite a bit, hiding away and working on my retrospective book/archive - but also bursting with ideas and can’t wait for spring, to start anew. 

I’ve had a portfolio of images from my non-binary series published in a special edition of Courrier International in France this month, here are some images from that feature: 

Here are some self portraits from this week // a few years ago, I was receiving a lot of harassment from men online and eventually got so anxious about it that I started to feel really uncomfortable existing on the internet. I logged out of my professional tumblr, instagram, Facebook etc for a few months (and @karensofiacolon took over my accounts, the sweetest, thank you) - I started the series “me vs others”  around that time, in which I dress up my friends as me with the orange wig and all - it was about being able to still take self portraits without having to physically exist online/in the photograph. felt like explaining the series cause I don’t think I ever have written about it before! Years of therapy later and here I am! 


lastly, my dear friend Hana Haley wrote a really sweet blog post about a day we spent at an apple orchard in the fall, you can check that out here: 




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