Camp memories

Hi! This blog post is long overdue…  for those of you who don’t know, I spent all of July running and curating a pop-up gallery, shop & community space called Camp Gallery along with Starchild Stela & Ambivalently Yours. We were there every single day and hosted events almost daily as well so it was a very draining experience but I learned A TON and got to collaborate with so many of my favorite artists so in the end, I’m happy we did it. But at the same time it’s been good to go back to my regular freelance life and I’m ready to focus on new projects! 

I’ve collaborated with Adolescent Content to make a little vlog of my experience with the project, which you can view here : :) It was filmed very on the go but I’m working on more video content that should be out soon!

I also spent all of today gathering all the images I had of our exhibitions, our space, etc. I wish I had taken more photos but I was really busy running the space, and still working full-time as a photographer & being a human that whole month so yeah. For now here are my memories from camp :)

& special thanks to everyone who participated and organized events and workshops at Camp <3 <3 <3 :

July 4: Transtrenders: Contes queers par Sophie Labelle et Roxane Nadeau

July 7: Tough words, Soft tones poetry and zine readings with Alexandra Tremblay, Ambivalently Yours, Billy Starfield, Cecelia Opatken-Ringdal, Clara B.Turcotte, Flora Fauna, Laurence Philomene, Rochelle Rinne, Roxane Nadeau and Morgan Sea

July 9-10: Camp Conference Weekend

-Tea party round table with Celia Edell

-Activism & Academia round table

-Camp Artists round table

-Art movie screening Matthew Kennedy, Lori Malépart-Traversy, Hobbes Ginsberg, Ambivalently Yours

-Non-Binary Potluck

-Soft Masculinity Skillshare with Root Feeldz

-L’échec des féminismes contemporains par Caroline Trottier-Gascon

-Evening tea & Readings by Gabrielle Tremblay

July 11th : Grant writing workshop with Cookie Kendle

July 13th: Cute fluffs life drawing

July 13th: Movie night

July 15th: TenderSounds at Camp with Juniper, Skin and Lyndsie Alguire

July 16th : Summer Soft Market 

July 17th: Self-Care Day & Clothing Swap at Camp

July 20: Bitter Sweethearts Club Zine Launch

July 22: Dear Diary Artshow/Zine launch By Simon Fortin

July 23-24: Camp activities weekend!


Participating Artists:

Amanda Craig, Ambivalently Yours, Amanda Jasnowski Pascual, Bao Ngo, Brett Manning, Charline Bataille, Christina Mazzulla, Chu, Cryote, Emily Cole, Emily Döhler-Knox, Fatine Violette Sabiri, Flora Fauna, Geneviève Darling, Ginette Lapalme, Hobbes Ginsberg, Jenn Woodall, Jon Estwards, Kendra Yee, La Fille Bertha, Laura Alger-Barkley, Lauren Crow, Laurence Philomène, Liv Thurley, Lora Mathis, Louise Reimer, Lucky Los Santos, Marc Beauchamp, Mel Stringer, Miles Petrella, Minipete, Myriam Bourgeois, Nakita McInnis, Neah Kelly, Nosebleed sundae, Pauline Krawczyk, Rochelle Rinne, Sabrina Scott, Samantha Conlon, Sarah Rosenberg, Shanna Van Maurik, Simon Fortin, Simone Blain, Squid Vishuss, Starchild Stela, Susana Sykes, Swarm, Tiffany Paige, Vanessa Aisling, Wishcandy, Worried Eyes, Zuzu Knew

infinite thanks to all our artists and volunteers <3 



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