Puberty is a self-portrait project which looks at the intimate process of undergoing hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) as a non-binary transgender person. Shot over a period of two years, it combines surreal colours and mundane environments to document daily moments and slow, subtle physical changes occurring during my transition. Looking at HRT as a process without a fixed end goal, Puberty challenges viewers to consider identity beyond binaries and preconceptions.

While I began this project prior to the current pandemic, Puberty revolves largely around domesticity and home-making, themes that have resonated more intensely around the world as we collectively navigate the various stages of social isolation. By offering a glimpse into these moments in my life, I am creating a multi-faceted, in-depth primary source document of a trans experience in North America during this pandemic.

Ultimately, I work with the hope of providing representation to and solidarity with future generations of queer and trans individuals as they navigate institutional hardship and erasure. This work serves as a means to create the kind of world I want to live in: one where the gender binary isn’t upheld as an excuse for violence against those who do not fit into it. Non-binary trans people exist--we are here, and we are thriving. 

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