"Lucky"  is an ongoing long-form photo documentary on my best friend - Lucky - , a working-class, latinx, intersex + transgender social worker and trauma survivor. More specifically, it documents multiple facets of [a] transgender life as it unfolds over a period 10 years. With this project, I want to show trans existence in a humane way, creating images rooted in mutual care and capturing not only the struggles but also seeing Lucky succeeding and living a full life - the good and the bad. I am looking at "transition" as a slow process, beyond the surface of physical changes; shifts in relationships, mindset, home-making, personal style, etc. 

With these images, I am looking at capturing identity in flux rather than as a static label. I am interested in exploring western understandings of masculinity and femininity, and how these inform our perception of gender, visually. Through Lucky’s personal style, I am looking at hyper-femininity and hyper-masculinity, and how the two can co-exist to create a new sense of androgyny.

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