Commissioned by Apple & Shot on Iphone for Pride 2021

I was commissioned by Apple to create images inspired by the colour red, and it’s meaning in the original pride flag: LIFE

To me life is all about creating. I wanted to explore all sides of life by blurring the line between organic & human-made, staged and candid. The images I created are all about contrast: stillness vs movement, real vs fake, etc.

I was inspired by warm, rich, vivid, deep energetic red. Think of strawberries, pretty bugs, and hot summer days.

Growing up, the only access I had to queer history was through photography books I borrowed from the library. In lieu of institutional recognition, a lot of our history as marginalized folks is passed down through self‑documentation as a means of reclaiming our narrative, which is something that’s always been fascinating to me. I think of the freedom to create our own story as an integral part of embodying queerness.

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