"Puberty" is an ongoing self-portrait project that aims to de-mystify the process of transitioning and caring for oneself as a non-binary transgender person. It documents mundane daily moments and slow, subtle physical changes occurring during my transition on hormonal replacement therapy. Furthermore, this project challenges ideas of what a trans person can look like outside of the binary.

In April 2018, I began a medical transition by taking bi-weekly testosterone treatments. Testosterone generates changes in the body, such as thickening of the vocal chords, body hair growth, and redistribution of fat and muscle tissue, as well as changes in emotional regulation. Since increasing my testosterone dosage in January 2019, I have been documenting these changes through a daily self-portrait practice that explores identity as a space in constant flux. The resulting images are at times staged – seated portraits documenting physical changes – and at times candid, setting up a tripod in my home as I go about my daily routines.

Too often, transgender bodies are depicted through the lenses of cis-gendered artists. As a trans artist, I am shifting that dynamic by turning my lens inward and creating imagery rooted in [self] care.

Beyond gender markers, this work is about the universal experience of learning to care for oneself. With this project, I am showing [a] trans life outside of the limelight by depicting day-to-day moments. I look at transition as a slow and at times lonely process in a society where trans lives are marginalized. By offering a glimpse into intimate scenes of my life, I aim to create a primary source document on a trans life in North America in the 21st century that humanizes our existence. Exploring the nature of self-representation in the era of social media, the images are shot digitally and exist largely online, shared on instagram and presented as a digital slideshow when exhibited.
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