Puberty is a self-portrait project which looks at the intimate and vital process of self-care as a non-binary transgender person undergoing hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). Shot over a period of two years, it combines surreal colours and mundane environments to document daily moments and slow, subtle physical changes occurring during my transition. Looking at transition as a non-linear process, Puberty challenges viewers to consider identity beyond binaries and pre-conceptions.

Since January 2019, I have been documenting the changes testosterone generates in my body and moods through daily photographs. The resulting images are at once staged and candid, created by setting up a tripod in my home as I go about my routines. Set in highly-saturated domestic spaces, these photographs look at minute details of transition which are seldom represented and given access to. The images play out like one long day, reflecting my desire to explore HRT as a process without a fixed end goal.

This project takes inspiration in the tradition of diaristic autobiographical photography, such as Nan Goldin’s classic “The ballad of sexual dependency”, as well as in the works of photographers like Texas Isaiah, Hobbes Ginsberg, and all my trans siblings around the world reclaiming their narratives.

Having dedicated my practice to documenting non-binary lives over the last 5 years, Puberty allows me to dig deeper into what it means to reclaim autonomy over our stories as marginalized individuals. In addition to this, I work with the hope of providing representation to and solidarity with future generations of queer and trans individuals as they navigate institutional hardship and erasure.

In a time where trans folks are facing disproportionate levels of violence worldwide and as our basic human rights are constantly being questioned, it is more important than ever for me to assert my humanity, educate others, and reclaim my autonomy through this work.

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